What’s up for February?

Dear  Clients, Neighbors, Friends and Associates…

Roses are red, violets are blue
Is there a cupid looking for you?
Of course, dream awake!
Rekindle the flame, or start one anew! 

Happy Valentine’s Day!

What’s up for February?…why, my winter garden for sure, time to harvest again… 
It’s also a good time in our area to get your property on the market..

My personal Blog for February, 2022, WalkerOnTheBeach.com,  is  “8 Popular Home Design Features for 2022.” Opinions  for my blogs come from a variety of sources and reflect assorted market trends.   You’ll see reading my blog.  One of the strategies for preparing a property for sale  is discussed as a popular trend in “staging” for today’s buyer.


Frankly I would have hesitated to recommend sellers go for an accent wall when preparing their home for sale.  Sometimes personal statements can take a wrong direction and the buyer cannot visualize themselves in that space and will not feel  it’s the home of her dreams.  (For instance, my personal artistic flair, i.e. New York Taxi Yellow walls surrounding my kitchen area and bathroom ceiling,  may indeed not have general appeal.)

This weekend however, I visited a client who took a relatively outdated condo unit I sold her in December,  and created an inspired space for her mother… without any expensive remodeling such as granite countertops and new flooring….  She has transformed the space.  Note how the strong blue accent wall in a room of gentle neutral hues, has made the wall surrounding the open water view seem to disappear, bringing focus to the main feature of this condo, the exceptional open water view.   Nice job!

Real Estate Statistics for December,  2021,
as reported by the Pinellas Realtor Organization’s CEO David Bennett:

For a current market snapshot in the PASS-A-GRILLE AREA, with a 6 month synopsis of Active, Pending and Sold Properties, click the links below:

Single Family:

Please contact me, or visit  my website, GulfToGlobalRealEstate.com  to set up a personalized real time search to target your specific market, or to analyze your property’s position in your own neighborhood marketplace.

I’ve not been one to seek awards for some years now,  especially when the best gift has been working with some of these remarkable people nearly  12 years!   But this lovely trophy, awarded to founding members of our Suncoast Global Council, means a great deal to me…thank you.  I am encouraged to share it, so I salute the Suncoast Global Council of our Pinellas Realtor Organization



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